Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhn Murder Case Story (2024)

Have you guys heard of these bone-chilling homicide incidents? Then do you listen to the Brazilian kids’ stories, Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhn?

If not, a heart-wrenching horror story is waiting for our readers. However, behind every homicide and horror killing is a psychiatric condition.

Even in our story, the murderer, Daniel Petry, was a person who struggled with his psychiatric condition, and he murdered his neighborhood friend for not giving back his gaming money.

In addition, they have lots of conflicts in their video game. Daniel bottled everything up and let it out in a gruesome murder scene.

Do you want to learn more?

Let’s get started with our discussion without any delay.

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Who is Daniel Petry?

Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhn Murder Case Story (1)

Daniel Petry is a Brazilian murderer who has raped, killed, and chopped his neighborhood friend Gabriel Kuhn.

And this murder scene happened in the Santa Catarina, Brazil, area in 2007.

This crime scene has left many people in great agony and shock because Daniel was only 16 years old when he killed his neighbor.

Then Daniel was sent to jail for his inhuman activities, but only for 3 years.

Even his jail sentences created lots of protests during that period.

Let us see the story in a detailed manner.

Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhn Murder Case Story

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Daniel Petry was a 16-year-old kid who suffered from some psychiatric conditions, even though he took medical treatments for his mental conditions.

Due to his mental condition, Daniel couldn’t concentrate on his studies; thus, he started to bunk all his academics and became a television and video game addict.

Daniel Petry’s favorite game is in that tibia. Daniel had only a few friends in his circle.

And one of them was Gabriel Kuhn.

Meltdown point

Gabriel Kuhn was Daniel Petry’s neighbor, an online friend who plays the Tibia game with him.

Their friendship was going well until Gabriel borrowed 20,000 tibias (a currency that helps to buy some gaming elements and allows for easy leveling up). It is not a hard currency.

Gabriel promised to give back that tibia currency to Daniel, but he didn’t give back the currency, even though Daniel pleaded with him to do so.

Even then, he didn’t, so Gabriel and Daniel had many fights in their gaming conversations. Finally, Gabriel blocked every connection to Daniel.

The Crime Scene

July 23rd, 2007, Daniel Petry called Gabriel Kuhn’s mother, Nova Trento, at 9.30 am on her cell phone, and she replied that she was not in her home and shared that Gabriel was only alone in her home.

Then Daniel decided to take advantage of the opportunity and rang the doorbell at Gabriel’s house, but Gabriel was hesitant to open the door because he knew Daniel’s true face.

On the other hand, Daniel plays the trick by saying he wants to apologize for his behavior, and poor Gabriel falls for his act of kindness.

And opened the door; as Daniel entered the house, he started to molest and rape Gabriel.

After raping Gabriel, Daniel warned him not to say anything to his parents, and Gabriel said a big yes.

Still, Daniel couldn’t believe him, so he used the gaming console cable to strangle Gabriel very barely; then, he became unconscious.

The murderer thought Gabriel had died, so to dispose of him, he decapitated his body parts because he wouldn’t carry his body.

Daniel used a kitchen knife and garage saws to cut Gabriel’s legs, but because Gabriel wasn’t dead when he cut off his leg, Gabriel screamed in agony.

Thus, the murderer fastened up everything, cut off the legs and torso, and disposed of them in a corridor near the door before leaving mercilessly.

Crime Scene Photos

The crime scene photos are still there on the internet, but there are no videos of the murder scene. However, we strongly advise readers to have a strong heart in the face of these obscene scenes.

Those photos are available on Twitter and Reddit.

What happened to Daniel Petry?

Gabriel Kuhn’s brother and mother were shocked to see the pieces of their lovable son, then called the police. The police arrested Daniel Patry by finding evidence in their conversations over a video game.

And when he appeared before the judge for his punishment, he admitted to all his activities, including rape. And the autopsy reports said that Gabriel was raped multiple times.

This was Daniel Petry’s statement to all the court judges.

Gabriel was a coward and a thief. He’s burning in hell right now, where I sent him. And when I die, I will find him in hell and finish my revenge.

Considering Daniel’s psychiatric nature, the punishment was limited to 3 years, and he was sent to a juvenile delinquency center.

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Where is Daniel Petry now?

Daniel Petry was released from prison in 2010, and little is known about him since then, with many rumors swirling around him.

Some claim Daniel has become a Brazilian lawyer, while others claim he has moved to the United States and obtained citizenship.

As of now, there is no legit information about Daniel Petry.

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Bottom Line

Thus, we have shared the heartbreaking murder story of Daniel Petry, but if you guys noted the statement of Daniel Petry, he strongly stresses that he didn’t sodomize Gabriel.

Still, Gabriel’s autopsy results convey differently, so another person also collapsed the life of Gabriel.

But we are not justifying his actions; still, this crime scene left one suspect.

The end!

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Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhn Murder Case Story (2024)
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