Eastern Pacific Marine Text Forecasts by Zone (2024)

This is NOT a complete listing of NWS marine forecast products for this area. See the NWS Marine Weather Serviceshomepage which contains information on the dissemination of NWS marine weather forecasts including frequency and broadcast schedule information as well as links to products and related information.

National Weather Service Coastal and Offshore forecast products listed on this webpage are subdivided by zone, each identified by a Universal Generic Code(UGC) e.g. ANZ050, and a Special Area Messaging Encoder (SAME) code, e.g. 073050. SAME codes are used to program SAME-capable NOAA Weather Radio receivers to receive alert messages for user-specified areas.

A graphic version of this page is available. The entire text of these forecasts may be found at NWS Marine Text Forecasts and ProductsListing or thelow-bandwidth-mobile friendly text products page which also serve as alternate sources of data.

These forecasts are also available via e-mail

High Seas Forecast (not subdivided by zone)
Offshore Marine Zone Forecasts

(Zone Name (Zone number/SAME code)​

Coastal Marine Zone Forecasts

(Zone Name (Zone number/SAME code)​

1 Although SAME codes exist for offshore forecast zones and forecast synopses, they are not used operationally.

NOTICE - This page under continuous construction. Please excuse our dust. Several listed products may not be in existence. Links not yet available for all products. Linked data may not represent the latest forecast. The Internet is not part of the National Weather Service's operational data stream and should never be relied upon as a means to obtain the latest forecast and warning data. Please read our disclaimer.

CAUTION - Remember to hit the "RELOAD" button on your web browser or you may be recalling data from memory rather than downloading the latest forecast.

For details on changes to NWS products, visit the NWS Notifications website, the NWS Data Managementand NWS Telecommunication Operations Center (TOC)webpages.

For operational issues, contact the NWS Tech Control help desk at 301-713-0902 or email at toc.nwstg@noaa.gov. This is a 24hr/7day help desk. Please be specific as possible about the problem you are experiencing and the exact URL which is giving you difficulties, e.g. https://weather.gov/marine/....., (or page you are linking from if that URL is too long).

Eastern Pacific Marine Text Forecasts by Zone (2024)
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