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5 - Aristocratic Assassin, Sesshomaru - Senritsu no Kikoshi Sesshoumaru
Kagome is adapting to life in the Feudal Era. With the arrival of Myoga, InuYasha's yokai-flea servent, Kagome learns the truth of InuYasha's mother and meets his yokai half-brother in the flesh.

6 - Tetsusaiga, the Phantom Sword - Bukimi na Yoto Tetsusaiga
InuYasha must overcome an illusion of his mother and fight Sesshomaru for possession of the Tetsusaiga, their father's legendary sword.

7 - Showdown! InuYasha vs. Sesshomaru - Gekitaiketsu! Sesshomaru tai Tetsusaiga!

Tetsusaiga is now in the hands of InuYasha, whilst Sesshomaru's fearsome dog yokai transformation brings harm to kagome.

18 - Naraku and Sesshomaru Join Forces - Te o Kunda Naraku to Sesshomaru

Sesshomaru receives a human arm with a Shikon Jewel shard embedded in it from Naraku as a means to wield the Tetsusaiga and destroy InuYasha. Miroku discovers that his wind tunnel can be inhibited by the Saimyosho, the poisonous wasps from hell.

34 - Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga - Tenseiga to Tetsusaiga
Sesshomaru, dissatisfied with his sword Tenseiga, wishes to have the old, absent-minded swordsmith Totosai make him one. The unwilling Totosai has InuYasha defend him, causing the brothers to fight. Totosai reveals the heritage of Sesshomaru's sword before creating a diversion to allow InuYasha and the rest of his companions to depart. Soon after leaving InuYasha and his companions, Totosai is attacked by Sesshomaru. Once again, InuYasha battles his brother as Totosai's protection, but now must face Sesshomaru's new defense of a dragon's arm.

35 - The True Owner of the Great Sword - Meito ga Erabu Shin no Tsukai Te
As InuYasha and Sesshomaru continue to duel for possession of Tetsusaiga, both brothers discover the unexpected power of their respective inheritances. After the fight, and injured Sesshomaru is helped by the orphan Rin, whom he revives with the Tenseiga after she is killed by Koga's wolves.

44 - Kaijinbo's Evil Sword - Kaijinbo no Jaaka na Tsurugi
Finding the corpse of the fallen Goshinki and detecting InuYasha's scent on it, Sesshomaru takes the demon's head to Kaijinbo, the rogue swordsmith and former disciple of Totosai, in order to commission a sword made from Goshinki's head. On the same day Kaijinbo arrives, possessed and wielding his newest creation Tokijin, InuYasha has transformed into his human form being defenseless. Then luckily Totosai appears and gives InuYasha his sword which is too heavy for him to lift.

45 - Sesshomaru Wields Tokijin - Sesshoumaru, Tokijin o Furu
Kaijinbo is destroyed by his own creation - the sword Tokijin - because it is too evil for its maker to wield. Kagura directs Sesshomaru to Tokijin and watches as the demon claims his sword and wields it against his brother. While InuYasha and his friends escape before they feel the full brunt of Sesshomaru's new weapon, Kagura decides that Sesshomaru may be strong enough to destroy her master.

52 - The Demon's True Nature - Tomerarenai! Yokai no Honsho
InuYasha's demonic transformation gives him great power, but no sense of control over himself as he kills indiscriminately, which Sesshomaru discovers when he arrives to gauge his younger brother's power.

75 - The Plot of the Panther Devas - Hyoneko sh*tenno no Inobu
A group of panther demons come after Kagome for her Shikon Jewel shards, but seem more interested in attacking InuYasha and Sesshomaru. Seeking revenge for the defeat of their master at the hands of InuYasha and Sesshomaru's father, they kidnap Kagome.

76 - Target: Sesshomaru and InuYasha - Tagetto wa Sesshoumaru to InuYasha
InuYasha breaks into the Panther demon's barrier using Tetsusaiga's new ability. After Myoga reveals why the demons are seeking revenge, everyone splits up to confront the devas seperately.

77 - The Panther Tribe and the Two Swords of the Fang - Hyonekozoku to Futatsu no Kiba no Ken
To resurrect their master, the Panther demons have captured entire villages to sacrifice. However, when the master is revived, he unexpectedly kills three of them to return to life and InuYasha and Sesshomaru end up working together to defeat the Panther demon leader.

80 - Sesshomaru and the Abducted Rin - Sesshoumaru to Sarawareta Rin
Naraku threatens Sesshomaru with Rin's safety unless Sesshomaru kills InuYasha, and ultimatum Sesshomaru ignores. InuYasha ends up fighting Kagura, who is only putting on a show for Naraku, whom she wants InuYasha to kill. Kagome and the others pursue another Shikon shard, likely one embedded in Kohaku, who is guarding Rin.

81 - Vanishing Point: Naraku Disappears - Tachikireru Naraku no Yukue
Naraku is forced to fight both Sesshomaru and InuYasha, who work together to seriously wound Naraku until their sibling rivalry gets the better of them. The fight is halted when Naraku remotely orders Kohaku to kill Rin before vanishing, which forces Sesshomaru to leave and save the girl's life.

96 - Jaken Falls III - Byoki ni Natta Ano Jaken
While Kagome and her friends visit Jinenji again, Rin goes off on her own to find a medicinal cure for Jaken, who has fallen ill from insect poison.

99 - Koga and Sesshomaru, A Dangerous Encounter
Ginta and Hakkaku encounter Jaken, and after hearing about Jaken's powerful master, attempt with little success to prevent Koga and Sesshomaru from meeting.

104 - The Stealthy Poison User, Mukotsu - Shinobiyori Doku Tsukai Mukotsu
Jakotsu gets away when Mukotsu releases a poison that burns InuYasha. He continues to cause trouble for both InuYasha and his friends and Sesshomaru and his companions with his poisonous attacks.

115 - Lured by the Black Light - Suikomareru Kuroi Hikan
Suikotsu struggles with his two personae while attempting to kill Rin while Jokotsu fights Sesshomaru

116 - The Exposed Face of Truth - Sarakedasareta Shinjitsu no Kao
While Jakotsu and Suikotsu fight Sesshomaru, Kikyo arrives and interrupts the battle by purifying Suikotsu's jewel shart. Suikotsu, finally free of his killing persona, reveals the origin of his conflicting personalities.

123 - Behind the Darkness - Naraku Reborn
Naraku is reborn from Mt. Hakurei itself and then proceeds to destroy the mountain to crush all his enemies at once. Kikyo and Sesshomaru witness Kagura and Kanna escape from the mountain with an unusual bundle.

133 - The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru (Part I) - Sesshoumaru 0 Aish*ta Onna (Zenpen)
Sara, a woman who fell in love with Sesshomaru, hopes to garner his interest by stealing the Tetsugia from InuYasha. Meanwhile, InuYasha and his friends find a woman about to be sacrificed to a demon.

134 - The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru (Part II) - Sesshoumaru o Aish*ta Onna (Kohen)
Sesshomaru and InuYasha confront Sara, whose terrible secret is revealed, in her devotion to Sesshomaru, she allowed herself to be consumed by demons when she died. Rejected again and again, Sara's demonic half is finally released.

156 - Final Battle at the Graveside! Sesshomaru vs. InuYasha - Bozen Kessen! Sesshoumaru vs. InuYasha
Sesshomaru, having arrived too late to travel using Tekkei's river of blood, is provided an alternate method of entering the Netherworld by Kagura. Hosenki is corrupted by his shard of the jewels which draws evil from Naraku's shards nearby. Hosenki is finally weak enough from fighting InuYasha that his shard is taken by Naraku

157 - Destroy Naraku with Adamant Barrage - Naraku o Tsuranuke Kongosoha
While Sesshomaru and Naraku fight, Hosenki challenges InuYasha to defeat him in order to strengthen the Tetsusaiga and acquire the power to fight back against Naraku. Meanwhile, Naraku poisons everyone with his miasma.

162 - Forever with Lord Sesshomaru - Sesshoumaru-sama to Eien ni Issho
A group of monks attempts to locate children kidnapped by a demon, Rin included. Rin is faced with the choice of living in a village, or staying with Sesshomaru.

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2 - Kagura's Wind - Kagura no Kaze
Having been saved by InuYasha and his friends, Kagura tries to escape Naraku and he offers to return her heart to her. Meanwhile, Kikyo summons the soul of Midoriko to restore her powers. She explains to InuYasha that in order to destroy Naraku, his soul must be purified. Koga completes a series of trials to obtain the Goraishi, a treasure of his clan. While Sesshomaru battles Moryomaru, Naraku returns Kagura's heart, then immediately impales her on his tendrils, injecting her with miasma and leaving her on the brink of death. She manages to float away on a feather, landing in a meadow filled with flowers, where she listens to her newly-returned heart beat in her chest. Smelling Kagura's blood, Sesshomaru quickly finishes his battle, shattering his sword the Tokijin in the process. He finds Kagura in the flower field just as she dies. Her body dissolves into dust and her feather hairpin floats away on the wind, signifying that she is now free. InuYasha and his friends arrive too late, and when InuYasha asks Sesshomaru if Kagura had suffered, Sesshomaru replied, "She was smiling."

3 -Meido Zangetsuha - Meido Zangetsuha
Totosai approaches Sesshomaru and tells him that he can now reforge theTenseigainto an offensive weapon. InuYasha's group find a temple where fox demons play tricks on others to try to advance in demon rank. After accidentally entering the test, Shippo plays tricks on InuYasha, who clobbers him. Shippo retreats into the forest where he meets a girl named Mujina whose sword can absorb the demonic energy of InuYasha's Tetsusaiga. She uses the energy to attack him, but her will is too weak and she is defeated. Meanwhile, Sesshomaru learns the Meido Zangetsuha technique, which cuts a small path to the netherworld and sends one's opponent there directly. In the present, Kagome's grandfather tells her that the Shikon Jewel can only be erased from the world if one makes the right wish.

9 - Sesshomaru in the Underworld - Meikai no Sesshoumaru
Without his Shikon Jewel shards, Koga takes his companions and retires from the fight with Naraku, leaving desire for revenge to InuYasha and his group. Meanwhile, Sesshomaru visits his mother to ask how he can make Meido Zangetsuha even stronger and even more powerful then ever before. She summons a Meido Hound for him to battle, which takes Rin and Kohaku into the void of the netherworld. He follow and defeats the beast and rescues them. Though Kohaku is able to move within the void because of the Shikon Jewel shard, Rin is not. When Kohaku informs Sesshomaru that Rin isn't breathing, he stops shocked. The darkness of the Abyssal Void envelopes her and Sesshomaru confronts a guardian of the dead, but Rin dies. Sesshomaru uses Tenseiga to purify the dead in the netherworld, and Tenseiga brings him, Rin's body, and Kohaku back to the world of the living. Sesshomaru is really disturbed to realize Tensaiga cannot revive Rin a second time, only able to resurrect a person once. His mother, after scolding him about thinking he could control life and death themselves, revives Rin using her own Meido stone, but warns that neither Rin nor Kohaku can be resurrected by Tenseiga again.

13 - A Complete Meido - Kanzen na Meido
The demon Shishinki approaches Sesshomaru for a fight, having been defeated by Sesshomaru's father long ago. To Sesshomaru's surprise, Shishinki attacks him using a complete Meido Zangetsuha and claims Sesshomaru's father stole the technique from him. Sesshomaru attacks with his Meido, but Shishinki's absorbs it. InuYasha and his group arrive and after Shishinki attacks him, InuYasha joins the argument. Shishinki taunts Sesshomaru, telling him that he must have been shunned by his father if his younger half-demon, half-human brother has Tetsusaiga as Tenseiga is just a cast off from it to contain the unneeded Meido. As Sesshomaru furiously wonders why his father did this, Shishinki attacks again. InuYasha protects him with the Wind Scar, but Sesshomaru punches him and tells him not to interfere. Sesshomaru blindly charges Shishinki. Miroku uses a paper charm to fire Myoga at InuYasha so he can explain to Sesshomaru that his father entrusted him with the Meido because he felt Sesshomaru could master it; however, Shishinki points out that he could have just given him Tetsusaiga instead of casting off Tenseiga. Sesshomaru resumes his attack. When InuYasha again comes to his aid, their swords begin pulsating. When Sesshomaru draws Tenseiga, he is able to launch a massive complete Meido that swallows Shishinki. InuYasha tries to tell Sesshomaru that Shishinki was lying, and that Tenseiga is a proper keepsake, but Sesshomaru states that they are destined to fight one another for the rest of their lives. Myoga states Sesshomaru must have realized his father's true intentions.

15 - True Heir - Seitonaru Keishosha
Using the fragment of Kanna's mirror, Sesshomaru is able to makeTenseigareplicate Tetsusaiga's powers and abilities and challenges InuYasha to a battle to test his worthiness to wield their father's fang of destruction. InuYasha accepts. Every time the swords cross, Tetsusaiga regains some of its powers and abilities back. Sesshomaru creates a Meido that swallows InuYasha, and throws Tenseiga into it but Inuyasha cut through his demonic enegy to save himself . Naraku tries to control Tenseiga through Kanna's mirror. Sesshomaru jumps in the Meido and forces InuYasha to break Tenseiga. Tetsusaiga's blade becomes black, and InuYasha creates a Meido to come back from the netherworld. The broken Tenseiga comes back anew. Totosai said that, now freed from his obsession with Tetsusaiga, Sesshomaru is one step away from obtaining a much stronger and much more powerful weapon of his own that was not inherited from his father.

17 - Magatsuhi's Evil Will - Magatsuhi no Janen
InuYasha's group returns to Kaede's village to tell her of Kikyo's death. As they talk, she states that Kagome's innate spiritual power was probably sealed by Magatsuhi, the evil will of the Shikon Jewel that did it out of fear of Kagome's spiritual powers and abilities. Meanwhile, Naraku enables Magatsuhi to manifest as a demon. With his new body, Magatsuhi attacks Sesshomaru's group to try to take Kohaku's shard. Sesshomaru struggles to defend the boy without a weapon and having only one arm. InuYasha's group arrives to find Sesshomaru's right arm badly wounded and Kohaku's shard being defiled. As InuYasha confronts Magatsuhi, he renders Kagome unconscious. Sesshomaru uses his will to heal his wounds, annoyed with InuYasha who is telling him to back down, and assumes his true form to attack Magatsuhi. The brothers struggle to battle Magatsuhi, while protecting their respective groups. Eventually Magatsuhi spears Sesshomaru and traps him, saying he will be come part of Naraku's body. The others fear he is dead, and when InuYasha rushes to free him he is captured as well. Sesshomaru bursts through the ball of appendages, and as Totosai arrives, Sesshomaru's left arm is restored and he is wielding a new sword. Totosai calls it Bakusaiga and says it was always inside Sesshomaru, but could not be wielded until he surpassed his father in power and strength and learned to let go of his obsession with Tetsusaiga. With his newfound demon sword, Sesshomaru destroys Magatsuhi's body, forcing the latter to flee. At the end of the episode, Kagome finally awakens with a puzzled expression on her face.

19 - Kohaku's Shard - Kohaku no Kakera
Sesshomaru finds Magatsuhi and attacks him with Tenseiga, but it was only an illusion created by Byakuya. The real Magatsuhi attacks Kaede's village and gains control of Kohaku's body. He badly injures Miroku and Sango before escaping. InuYasha and Kagome return and give chase, while Sesshomaru discovers the deception and begins fighting Byakuya himself. Byakuya brings one thousand demons to hold off Sesshomaru, who easily slays them with Bakusaiga in a single strike. Back at the village, Sango kisses the sleeping Miroku and prays for him to survive, before chasing after Kohaku. When InuYasha, Kagome, and Sango find him. Responding to his sister's appeal and aided by some of Kikyo's pure light left in his Shikon Jewel shard, Kohaku manages to break Magatsuhi's control momentarily. Kohaku jumps into a deep canyon in an effort to drive Magatsuhi out of his body.

20 - When the Jewel is Whole - Shikon no Tama ga Kansei suru Toki
Kohaku successfully drives Magatsuhi out of his body just as Sesshomaru arrives, who manages to use Tenseiga to cut Magatsuhi in half, destroying part of him. Naraku then tries to take Kohaku's shard himself, but Sesshomaru attacks with his Bakusaiga, which causes Naraku's body to explode. Meanwhile, a red demonic aura passes from Miroku's body into Rin's. Now possessed by Magatsuhi, Rin flies off with a demon. Later, Naraku manages to capture Kagome and demands InuYasha's group gives him Kohaku's shard in exchange for her. Kohaku spots a sacred arrow on the ground and hides it, before offering himself to Naraku. When Naraku grabs him, Kohaku stabs the arrow into the spot where Moryomaru's diamond armor is, shattering it. Naraku escapes in a miasma cloud. Sango and Kohaku hug one another in celebration, but then a piece of Naraku's flesh stabs Kohaku in the neck and takes the shard, leaving Kohaku's empty body behind. Naraku completes the Shikon Jewel, but Kohaku is brought back to life by Kikyo's light after her spirit hears Sango crying for him. With the Shikon Jewel now complete the final battle between light and darkness, good and evil begins.

21 - Inside Naraku - Naraku no Tainai e
Kagome learns that she has been put on the waiting list for high school, and is happy about the fact that she was accepted at all. She and her friends graduate from middle school. Hojo wishes to give Kagome his second button, a tradition in Japan which means that the boy likes the girl, but she leaves before he can. Back in the Feudal Era, Naraku has absorbed the power of the Shikon Jewel and a dark cloud spreads over the land. InuYasha's group leaves to defeat Naraku, leaving Shippo behind. As they find Naraku and Byakuya in a cloud of miasma, they see Sesshomaru enter Naraku's body in search of Rin. As InuYasha's group enters, Miroku pauses to propose to Sango. They soon realize that though they are breathing in the miasma, it is not harming them because the Shikon Jewel wants to capture their souls first. Kagome and InuYasha search for the defiled jewel, after Miroku and Sango are captured. As InuYasha gets closer to the Shikon Jewel, he turns into a full-blooded demon and attacks Kagome. Naraku offers Kagome a miasma-coated arrow to save herself with, but she refuses. InuYasha attacks again, throwing her off a cliff. Naraku says InuYasha will kill her, just as he had killed Kikyo.

22 - Naraku: Trap of Darkness - Naraku Yami no Wana
Sango realizes that Miroku's Wind Tunnel is getting larger and the two are taken in by an illusion of Miroku's father being sucked in by his Wind Tunnel. InuYasha momentarily regains his consciousness when he hears Kagome's voice, but his heart is devoured by the Shikon Jewel’s poison, and he turns into his demon form once more. As Miroku and Sango run away from demons, Miroku uses his Wind Tunnel once more to save Sango. He tells Sango that they should part then because of his Wind Tunnel about to devour them both, but Sango follows after him. Rin gains her consciousness again and soon runs into InuYasha, in his demon form. After InuYasha attempts to attack Magatsuhi, he is instead possessed by him when Sesshomaru and Kagome arrive. InuYasha, possessed by Magatsuhi, and Sesshomaru fight, while Kagome attempts to retrieve Tetsusaiga, which Magatsuhi has released because he realizes that the Tetsusaiga acts as the link which allowed InuYasha to keep a bit of control. As Kagome pulls the sword, she falls over the cliff, but is able to hold onto the side. Kagome calls to InuYasha and he gains some of his consciousness back and Tetsusaiga calls to InuYasha once more. He gains his control back and as Magatsuhi leaves InuYasha's body, he attempts to take over Kagome's. Then, InuYasha's demonic energy draws Magatsuhi out of both of their bodies, and Sesshomaru uses Tenseiga to destroy him once and for all.

24 - Naraku's Uncertain Wish - Naraku Hakanaki Nozomi
Naraku releases more miasma, while Inuyasha usesTetsusaiga's barrier to protect himself, Kagome, and Miroku. Sango arrives riding Kirara and throws herHirakotsu, but it absorbs too much of the miasma and Sango falls through a hole Naraku opens in his flesh. Miroku follows and she decides to die with him there. When Kagome questions Naraku about whether his real wish has come true, he becomes enraged. As he absorbs the jewel, he begins transforming and spreading spiderwebs around the area. Inuyasha unleashes Meido Zangestuha, which takes on the form of slashing blades due to the different nature of his sword. Byakuya slashes Kagome across the back with his blade, but strangely it leaves no wound. Inuyasha quickly attacks and kills Byakuya, who states that he has fulfilled his purpose. Miroku and Sango fall again, but are joined by Shippo. Together, along with Sesshomaru's group, they join Kagome and Inuyasha in the final battle against Naraku.

Episode Guide: About

Episode Guide: About

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