My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide (Interactive Calculator) 2024 (2024)

My Singing Monsters Breeding Calculator


As a general rule:

  • Single Element Monstersare purchased from the market.
  • Double Element Monstersare bred using two Single Element Monsters.
  • Triple Element Monstersare bred using Double Element and Single Element Monsters.
  • Quad Element Monstersare bred using either (1) two Doubles Element Monsters or (2) a Triple Element and a Single Element Monster.

This My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide will list the best monster combinations for breeding every monster.

Click CTRL + F and type the monster you’re searching for to jump straight to it.

Breeding Combinations Table

MonsterBest CombinationIsland(s)
NogginPurchase From the MarketPlant, Air, Water, Earth, Haven, Faerie, Bone
Toe JammerPurchase From the MarketPlant, Cold, Air, Water, Oasis, Psychic, Bone
MammottPurchase From the MarketPlant, Air, Water, Earth, Haven, Faerie, Bone
PotbellyPurchase From the MarketPlant, Cold, Water, Earth, Haven, Light, Psychic, Shugabush
TweedlePurchase From the MarketCold, Air, Water, Earth, Haven, Oasis
KaynaPurchase From the MarketHaven, Oasis, Light, Psychic, Faerie, Bone
FwogNoggin and Toe JammerPlant, Air, Water, Bone
DrumplerMammott and NogginPlant, Air, Earth, Faerie
MawToe Jammer and MammottPlant, Cold, Air, Oasis
DandidooTweedle and PotbellyCold, Water, Earth, Haven
CybopTweedle and NogginAir, Water, Earth, Haven
QuibbleTweedle and Toe JammerCold, Air, Water, Oasis, Shugabush
PangoTweedle and MammottCold, Air, Earth, Oasis
ShrubbPotbelly and NogginPlant, Water, Earth, Haven
OaktopusPotbelly and Toe JammerPlant, Cold, Water, Psychic, Shugabush
FurcornPotbelly and MammottPlant, Cold, Earth, Light, Shugabush
GlowlTweedle and KaynaHaven, Oasis
FlowahPotbelly and KaynaHaven, Light, Psychic
StoggNoggin and KaynaHaven, Faerie, Bone
PhanglerToe Jammer and KaynaOasis, Psychic, Bone
BoskusMammott and KaynaOasis, Light, Faerie
T-RoxMaw and NogginPlant, Air
PummelOaktopus and NogginPlant, Water
ClambleFurcorn and NogginPlant, Earth
BowgartFurcorn and Toe JammerPlant, Cold
SpungeDandidoo and Toe JammerCold, Water
ThumpiesDandidoo and MammottCold, Earth
ConglePango and Toe JammerCold, Air, Oasis
PomPomPango and NogginAir, Earth, Shugabush
ScupsQuibble and NogginAir, Water
ReedlingDandidoo and NogginWater, Earth, Haven
RepatilloFlowah and NogginHaven
FloogullGlowl and NogginHaven
BarrbGlowl and PotbellyHaven
WhaddleGlowl and Toe JammerOasis
WoolabeeGlowl and MammottOasis
WynqBoskus and Toe JammerOasis
RootitootFlowah and Toe JammerPsychic
ZiggurabBoskus and NogginFaerie
ThrumblePhangler and NogginBone
SoozaFlowah and MammottLight
EntbratBowgart and NogginPlant
DeedgeThumpies and Toe JammerCold, Shugabush
RiffCongle and NogginAir
ShellbeatSpunge and NogginWater
QuarristerThumpies and NogginEarth
TringBarrb and NogginHaven
SneyserWoolabee and Toe JammerOasis
GhaztEntbrat and T-RoxPlant, Ethereal
GrumpyreDeedge and any triple-element monsterCold, Ethereal
ReebroRiff and T-RoxAir, Ethereal
JeeodeShellbeat and any triple-element monsterWater, Ethereal
HumbugQuarrister and any triple-element monsterEarth, Ethereal
WhispGhazt and GrumpyreEthereal
NebulobGhazt and ReebroEthereal
ArackuleleGrumpyre and ReebroEthereal
SoxGhazt and JeeodeEthereal
BoodooGrumpyre and JeeodeEthereal
BellowfishReebro and JeeodeEthereal
JellbillyGhazt and HumbugEthereal
KazilleonGrumpyre and HumbugEthereal
DragongReebro and HumbugEthereal
Fung PrayJeeode and HumbugEthereal
ShugabushLegendary (Shugafam) and BowgartPlant, Shugabush
ShugarockLegendary (Shugafam) and ShugabushShugabush
ShugabassLegendary (Shugafam) and ShugabushShugabush
ShugajoLegendary (Shugafam) and ShugabushShugabush
ShugabeatsLegendary (Shugafam) and ShugabushShugabush
ShugabuzzLegendary (Shugafam) and ShugabushShugabush
ShugitarLegendary (Shugafam) and ShugabushShugabush
ShugavoxLegendary (Shugafam) and ShugabushShugabush
WubboxPurchase From the MarketPlant, Cold, Air, Water, Earth, Ethereal, Wublin
PunkletonBowgart and T-RoxPlant, Seasonal
YoolThumpies and CongleCold, Seasonal
SchmoochleRiff and TweedleAir, Seasonal
BlabbitSpunge and ScupsWater, Seasonal
HoolaPomPom and PangoAir, Earth, Seasonal
GobbleygourdGlowl and KaynaHaven, Oasis, Seasonal
ClavaveraPunkleton and SchmoochleSeasonal
ViveinePunkleton and BlabbitSeasonal
Jam BoreePunkleton and HoolaSeasonal
CarillongYool and SchmoochleSeasonal
Whiz-bangYool and BlabbitSeasonal
MonculusYool and HoolaSeasonal
FfidyllSchmoochle and BlabbitSeasonal
Boo’qwurmSchmoochle and HoolaSeasonal
SpurritBlabbit and HoolaSeasonal
G’joobT-Rox and PummelPlant, Mythical
StromboninBowgart and SpungeCold, Mythical
YawstrichT-Rox and ScupsAir, Mythical
CatalisztPurchase From the MarketMythical
BleatnikG’joob and CatalisztMythical
CrancheeStrombonin and CatalisztMythical
SporerowYawstrich and CatalisztMythical
FluoressPurchase From the MarketLight, Sanctum
TheremindPurchase From the MarketPsychic, Sanctum
Floot FlyPurchase From the MarketFaerie, Sanctum
ClackulaPurchase From the MarketBone, Sanctum
GobPotbelly and FluoressLight
BulboMammott and FluoressLight
PluckbillKayna and FluoressLight
PoppetteToe Jammer and TheremindPsychic
BonkersPotbelly and TheremindPsychic
YugglerKayna and TheremindPsychic
HippityHopNoggin and Floot FlyFaerie
SquotMammott and Floot FlyFaerie
WimmziesKayna and Floot FlyFaerie
PeckidnaNoggin and ClackulaBone
DenchuhsToe Jammer and ClackulaBone
HawloKayna and ClackulaBone
XysterTheremind and ClackulaSanctum
KnuckleheadFloot Fly and FluoressSanctum
Deja-JinTheremind and Floot FlySanctum
CahootTheremind and FluoressSanctum
OsstaxFloot Fly and ClackulaSanctum
RoarickClackula and FluoressSanctum
SpytrapGob and MammottLight
TooTooPluckbill and PotbellyLight
FiddlementPluckbill and MammottLight
TapricornBonkers and Toe JammerPsychic
RoobaYuggler and PotbellyPsychic
PeriscorpYuggler and Toe JammerPsychic
CantorellSquot and NogginFaerie
Brudg-itWimmzies and NogginFaerie
Clavi GnatWimmzier and MammottFaerie
WithurDenchuhs and NogginBone
UudukHawlo and NogginBone
BanjawHawlo and Toe JammerBone
FrondleyDeja -Jin and FluoressSanctum
LarvalussOsstax and TheremindSanctum
MushaboomOsstax and FluoressSanctum
G’dayXyster and FluoressSanctum
Blow’tTooToo and MammottLight
GlopticRooba and Toe JammerPsychic
PladdieClavi Gnat and NogginFaerie
PlinkajouBanjaw and NogginBone
EnchantlingLarvaluss and FluoressSanctum

How to Breed Rare Monsters in My Singing Monsters

The player can breed Rare monsters by breeding two parents that are at-least level four at the Breeding Structure. The breeding combination for Rares is the same as regular monsters. For example, players have a chance of breeding a Rare Fwog by combining level-four Noggin and level-four Toe Jammer.

The player can breed Epics by combining a triple element and a double element monster, which share zero or one element(s). For example, Epic Toe Jammer can be obtained on Plant Island by combining Entbrat and Oaktapus. Alternatively, Epic Monsters can be bought with Diamonds from the StarShop.

Does Happiness Affect Breeding in My Singing Monsters?

Happiness does not affect breeding in My Singing Monsters: there is no difference between an unhappy and happy monster, in terms of breeding. The only effect happiness has is on coin production.

How Do You Increase Your Chances of Breeding in MSM?

The player can increase their chances of breeding rarer monsters by:

  1. Buying a second Breeding Structure.
  2. Taking advantage of bonus events.
  3. Using Wishing Torches increases the chance of finding rare or ultra-rare monsters by up to 10% (1% for each lit torch).
  4. Ensuring monsters are at-least level four.


Wow! That was a long list. Using the Breeding Combinations Table above, you should know how to get every monster in My Singing Monsters.

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Olivia McKennaGeorge DermanakisLast Updated: January 13, 2024

My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide (Interactive Calculator) 2024 (2024)
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