Trek Dual Sport 2 Equipped Gen 5 review (2024)

The name might be a bit of a mouthful and Trek’s Dual Sport range is confusing to navigate your way around – 24 models including step-through frames, suspension forks and women’s bikes. However, Trek gives you a lot of bike, and kit, for a quite modest outlay here.

Apart from the full complement of kit, the other thing you notice about the Trek is it’s a weighty beast. We're talking a hefty 14kg.

So, is that a problem? Not really, no.

If your daily cycle to work takes you up the Tourmalet or the Rosedale Chimney, this might not be your bike of choice, but for flatter and even rolling routes it’s much less of an issue.

You’re not going to be bombing up those climbs out of the saddle either, but sit in the saddle and spin the very low, back- and knee-friendly bottom gears and you’ll get to your destination comfortably, if not quickly.

Trek Dual Sport 2 Equipped Gen 5 specification

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Part of the extra weight is down to the fact it comes with all the touring extras that are just as handy for day-to-day duties.

The rear rack has a healthy 25kg carrying capacity, but at first glance the rack is only mounted to the frame by a single fixing point. So, what’s going on?

Well, look closer and the rack is also fixed to the rear – and apparently plastic – SKS mudguard. Examine the fender more closely still and you’ll find it has metal reinforcements. It's neat, strong and a very elegant solution.

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The kickstand, a rare sight on British bikes, is very handy and the Trek also comes with front and rear lights.

These are quite modest affairs – the front rechargeable light putting out 35 lumens, but it’s a nice white beam that’s bright enough for being seen on city streets.

The rear LED requires two AA batteries. Further up the Dual Sport range, you’ll find bright, higher-spec dynamo lights, but for the price of this model, I’m really not complaining.

Your money is also getting you some well-chosen drivetrain components and high-quality hydraulic disc brakes – the latter is something you won’t find on a road bike at this price.

Trek Dual Sport 2 Equipped Gen 5 geometry

Seat angle (degrees)73.873.372.871.8
Head angle (degrees)69.870.370.871.8
Chainstay (mm)447447447447
Seat tube (mm)375420465520
Top tube (mm)545565585615
Head tube (mm)140165190215
Fork offset (mm)39393939
Trail (mm)87838074
Bottom bracket drop (mm)60606060
Bottom bracket height (mm)289289289289
Wheelbase (mm)1,0521,0631,0721,079
Standover (mm)723761800843
Stack (mm)573598624652
Reach (mm)378385391401

Trek Dual Sport 2 Equipped Gen 5 ride impressions

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The 9-speed gearing comes courtesy of Shimano Altus shifters and rear derailleur with an Acera front.

The sub-compact 46/30 chainset is paired with a wide-ranging 11-36 cassette. This delivers a very welcome and low bottom gear you’re unlikely to spin out on, even on steep climbs.

Gear changes are crisp and accurate, if not as smooth as with higher-level setups.

But perhaps the real highlight of the componentry is the braking. The Tektro R280 brakes may lack the maximum power needed for mountain biking, but they're more than sufficient on a commuter bike. They performed admirably on my local 30mph-plus descents and the short 11 per cent section on my commute.

One thing I wasn’t quite so keen on is how the cabling is routed directly into a cutaway at the front of the dedicated headset’s top cap.

It seems harsh to complain, because it’s a super-neat setup more at home on an aero road bike, but I’m not sure it’ll make home maintenance any easier.

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The Trek Dual Sport doesn't lack comfort. The compact frame leaves a lot of seatpost exposed, and I was very impressed by the Bontrager Sport saddle.

It may be a modestly priced product, but it has a full-length pressure-relief groove and I found it extremely comfortable for the sort of upright riding position you’re likely to be in on the Trek.

The wide, 50mm tyres – provided by Trek-owned brand Bontrager, of course – also make a pleasing contribution to comfort.

These combine a smooth centre strip for reduced rolling resistance on tarmac with greater grip on the shoulders for light gravel riding.

They were good for the canal towpath and local unsurfaced routes, and thanks to the mudguards I didn’t end up covered in mud and grime.

Trek Dual Sport 2 Equipped Gen 5 bottom line

You’re not going to ride any PBs or shatter a Strava segment record on the Trek Dual Sport.

However, your commute will be comfortable regardless of the riding surface.

This is a competitively priced bike with excellent brakes and a dependable spec list. It'll even enable you to load up for some light touring or leisure rides with the family come the weekend.


Price999.00 EUR,925.00 GBP
Weight14.4200, KILOGRAM (M) -


ForkDual Sport alloy
br_stemBontrager Comp 31.8mm
br_frameAlpha Gold aluminium
TyresBontrager GR0 Comp 650x50c
br_brakesTektro HD-R280 hydraulic disc, flat-mount, 160 mm rotor
br_cranksForged alloy 46/30 chainguard 170mm
br_saddleBontrager Sport
br_wheelsBontrager Connection double wall 32-hole
br_shifterShimano Altus
br_cassetteShimano HG200 11-36 9-speed
br_seatpostBontrager Alloy 27.2mm
br_handlebarBontrager Alloy
br_bottomBracketSealed cartridge 68mm
br_availableSizesXS, S, M, L, XL
br_rearDerailleurShimano Altus
br_frontDerailleurShimano Acera


Trek Dual Sport 2 Equipped Gen 5 review (2024)
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